Saturday, May 20, 2017

Spring is Here

Gridley made this picture on the kindle.  The app lets you upload finished work.  Pretty neat!
Gridley worked on this drawing at the planetarium.  she wanted Grandma Diane to make a couple of blankets for her lovies, so she drew exactly what she wanted the blanket to look like.

 At the planetarium, arthur worked on zip line legos.  this one made it all the way and somehow did it via bouncing on the line.
 I did not expect this small hand painted birdhouse right next to the garage to have any tenants.  How very wrong i was!
 Arthur got in on the fidget spinner craze.  Bought it with his own money.
 Dad went to Atlanta for a short meeting.  there was a dinner afterward with some team building.  It was at this place called Top Golf that was much cooler than expected.  you gold like at a driving range, but the balls each get some kind of personal RFID signature so if you hit one of those lit up targets you get points.  very cool.  and it was pouring rain when we were there which made it more fun.
 Arthur doing tug o war at a birthday party.
 We went to feed the chickens at arthur and gridley's school like we have many times before.  this time we brought our neighbor Tag with us.  he did some chicken chasin, which is always a good time.
 This pic is from gardening day at the kids' school.  Mom spent the day there.  sounded like a lot of fun.

 Mother's Day!  presents in bed.  next year breakfast in bed!

 Here is our way cool snail.  he moves so friggin fast, it blows my mind.

 Baseball team photos this morning.  here is a solo pic i snapped while we were waiting.

Friday, April 28, 2017

So Arthur had his first piano recital.  Did really great.  I thought he would be nervous like i always was, but he didn't seem to noticed that he was in a room full of people.

 Easter egg hunting.  the easter bunny went crazy this year.  lots and lots of candy.  He/She even brought some new swim goggles for Arthur.
 Chicken and fish

 This is Arthur's first book report.  He read a book called Louise The Adventures of a Chicken.  Pretty great book, we read it quite a few times.

 Found this lego set while doing some clean up.  Our kids have so many toys they don't even know about some of them.  !!!  This lego set was really cool.  the little house swiveled.  The lighthouse lit up.  and the orca whale had movable parts.
 French Toast with this killer bread mom found at the store.  super fluffy and filled with raisins.  We bought a second load for Gridley's school.  every thursday Miss Rafat makes french toast for breakfast for the kids who come early and have breakfast.  So krista sent in some of this special bread so she could try it out.  every thursday she insists on giving me some french toast to take out to the car for me and arthur.
 Here we are doing our sixth year of salt creek clean up.  Always super fun.  this time we invited cub scouts and some friends from school.  We actually had a lot of people turn out!  super cool.  and the cub scout leader dads said it was the best outing they have had yet.  

 This is the concrete sink that has lived in our basement for a very very long time.  I finally decided it was time for it to go.  So i started just breaking it into pieces with my hammer.  Arthur and Taggert thought it was pretty fantastic and watched me smash it apart.  Then Tag's dad helped me get the rest of it out of the basement on a hand truck.  Still not entirely sure how i am going to get rid of this thing.
 We have this cooperative Owl game.  Krista was getting frustrated that we have never managed to win the game.  So i took this picture when she was at yoga, the first time we we able to all get to the finish line.
 Weather is finally good enough for disc golf.  YAY!!!
 Fun garage project.  Krista mail ordered some kits to make stepping stones.  they give you a little bag of cement and broken glass.  Yup, handing our kids broken glass.  the only person who got cut was Dad actually.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Zoo in April

Here is Gridley picking out some fresh flowers.  She loves to come home and cut the stems and put them in vases.  She takes the vases all around the house to make sure everyone has some fresh flowers.
 The aquarium is doing very well, I must say.  we have gotten a good feeding routine.  only as much as they can eat in a couple minutes.  We also have some pellets that fall to the bottom for the catfish and snail.  the snail is a remarkable creature.  he is growing, for one thing.  and if he realizes there is a pellet in the tank, he will move quickly to secure it.  and the fish can't get it once he's on top of it.  amazing stuff.
 Our friends had some free zoo passes that were about to expire, so for good friday we went to the zoo.  good times.  lots of the same stuff, but we tried to see some animals we don't normally see.  rhino, hippo, giraffe.  the kids love this face painting though.  self applied paint is definitely the way to go.

 Peacocks are all over the place.  we got to get really close too and see them spreading out.  they do this thing when all the feathers are out, where they shake the feathers slightly and it makes a really neat noise.
 a zookeeper was being funny and telling everyone this was a rare four humped camel.

 This was Arthur explaining to mom how to play chess.  As a rainbow cat.