Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Wow, what a huge weekend!  Ryan decided it was high time he splurged on an trip to see friends.  My friend George from gradeschool is getting married this summer and decided to have his bachelor party in NYC.  So it was a quick trip, saturday to sunday, but I packed a whole lot of fun into it.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.  But anyway, I found out the night before the trip that another friend of mine, Dustin, was going to be in NYC as well that weekend celebrating his anniversary.  So we got together for lunch in Brooklyn at a real cool pizza shop.  From there I went to columbus circle to have drinks with my cousin Mary who I haven't seen in about 25 years.  whoa! seriously.  we had a super great time, it was so great to finally see her again.  Hopefully we'll do it again in less time.  then from there I went to dinner to meet up with the bachelor party.  great time of course!  after dinner we went to Greenwich Village to a comedy club which was amazing.  I laughed so hard my face hurt.  then, unannounced, Louis CK (arguably the biggest name in stand up comedy right now) showed up for a set!  unbelievable.  got back to the hotel around 3am and I was pretty impressed that i kept up the whole time.  these cancer drugs are working great!  Sunday I bummed around a little and went to see the Frick collection.  got a little culture in my system before heading back to chicago.  the flight got in early so I was just in time to put the kids to bed.

 This is the pizza shop.

While I was away Krista had a big time with the kids.  Morton Arboretum time!!  the daffodils were in perfect shape.  Gridley went around telling the flowers that she loved them, then gave them hugs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I guess once the sun comes out things just start getting busy.  Or maybe i just have an excuse not to be in front of the computer.  We're taking more pictures withour fancy new camera now, so the phone pictures are all mixed in and it is making everything out of order.  sorry about that.

 Bath time fun!  Gridley is starting to really enjoy hanging out in the bath tub.  they don't always want to be in the same tub, but sometimes they do and have a big time.

 Sleepin in the big girl bed.
 Ankle deep in toys on a friday morning.  good times.
 Krista's mom was in town for about week around Easter.  so we took the opportunity to have a date night.  we went to Fitzgeralds in Berwyn and saw a couple bluegrass bands.  great time.  good to get out a bit.
 So Arthur is now in soccer class.  great!  saturday was so beautiful out.  Arthur really did a great job listening and doing what he was told.  he seems to really enjoy it.  and he's getting so big and full of energy, it is getting to where we need to run him really hard to make him tired.  very glad the sun is finally out.  staying inside was killing him this winter.  the boy needs to run!

 Easter eggs.  wouldn't be easter without it.

 We made another visit to the conservatory.  it's been a lot of work, but they are getting the glass fixed up.  they still don't have all the rooms open, but i'll take whatever they have.  always so beautiful in there.

 We went bowling for the first time.  Easter sunday is a great time to do it, we had the whole alley to ourselves.  and calling this place an alley is not really right.  it is a huge restaurant with two floors of bowling, plus a bar, plus bocce ball.  super cool.  we had a great time.  and on sunday's kids eat free!  they told us they didn't have bumpers, so we used a ramp instead.  but then a lane over had bumpers so i'm not sure what the story was.  everyone had a lot of fun.

What else?  Arthur had his kindergarten screening.  it went well.  he is apparently above average, so that's good.  reading is coming along nicely, they were very impressed.  He not only started soccer but also started gymnastics.  turns out he has great balance.  he really loves it.  Gridley started a gymnastics class too!  lots of activities now that it is spring.