Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Goodbye 2016

Arthur learned how to needlepoint a bookmark.  pretty cool.
 Brand new Tiger Scout uniform.  Arthur learned the salute at a party that included putting frosting on cookies.
 Here we are at Gridley's school on the last day before break.  The kids performed some songs and did some dancing.  Pretty dang cute.
 The school had us all participate in a moment of silence and reflection with the kids holding lit candles.  So, they managed to teach 15 four-year-olds how to hold candles and be quiet for a couple of minutes.  Outstanding.  
 We went up to Wisconsin for a couple of days to visit Jill and the kids.  Had a perfect day for sledding.  Krista and Jill had a chance to go get hair cuts in town while Dad took three kids sledding (no baby Graeme)

 The girls were using Arthur's legs as a slide on this rocking chair.  pretty fun stuff.
 My parents came to town for christmas.  We went to the always amazing chicago botanic garden for their annual train layout.  The whole thing is made of plant matter.  Mind blowing stuff.

 Wrigley field with a working jumbotron playing highlights from the Cubs world series win.

 Christmas dinner selfie.
 Christmas morning, Gridley was so excited that Santa answered her wish for an Elsa cup.
 Santa brought Arthur a hot wheels set.  Really cool one too, lots of different ways to put it together.
 The kids are unwrapping the new fish tank.  I'm sure there will be fish updates through 2017.
 Gridley also asked Santa for a guitar.
 Then after christmas we flew to Connecticut to see Krista's mom and friends.  Flying is so much easier now than it was a couple of years ago.  Although Southwest did lose Gridley's car seat, so we had to borrow one for a day.
 Bowling.  Always a great time.  Arthur did really well.  He's learning how to throw the ball.  It only went backwards once.

 We went to the Mystic aquarium.  What a great place.  smaller than some aquariums, but it also has a bunch of outdoor exhibits.  Here are the beluga whales.  Gridley loves balugas.
 We went to the air museum again.  The kids really like this place.  It is pretty big and not very crowded.  And there are a number of cockpits that are open for the kids to check out.  We struggled to get Gridley out of the place she loved it so much.

 On the flight home, the kids got some paper model airplanes from the flight attendant.  Here is arthur with his finished southwest jet.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

winter is coming

Here we are getting musical with our new piano.  Everyone is taking turns playing it.  or trying to play it.

 Post thanksgiving tree pick up.  the kids insisted that we introduce our minivan to the fun of carrying a tree on top.  we got a great tree this year.  I can't remember one with more branches.
 we made a repeat trip to see the Salt Creek Ballet perform the Nutcracker.  amazing as always.  They are so talented.  and a full orchestra!!  wow!!  i wasn't supposed to take this picture, but i just had to snap one.
 Gridley and Dad got to have a date night.  we went to Standard Market.  it was so much fun.  we sat at a high top.

 Then after dinner, Gridley and I tracked down my favorite christmas house in our area.  this place is crazy!  you can see it from quite a distance.
 Gridley's friend Mirabelle had a birthday party in the city.  this was the dance party segment.  the whole party was in an ice cream shop.  so there was ice cream, with sundae bar, followed by a cake.  holy sugar rush!
 here we have Gridley trying to catch the first snow flakes of the year.
 Baking cookies
 This is Gridley demonstrating some of her work at Montessori school.  the schools invite family on occasion so the kids can share their new skills.  she was really proud of what she can do by herself.
 We went to Illumination at the Morton Arboretum.  this is always a truly amazing one of a kind treat.  It is a christmas light show, but done in the arboretum on a one mile trail.  you go at your own pace.  and the lights are very artistically done.  not just a bunch of santa's.  we went with some families we are friends with, so it was a huge crowd.  and it was also a blizzard.  seriously, a lot of snow came down while we were there.
 Arthur and his friend Kieran from school.
 This tree changes colors when you hug it.

 Birthday buddies Grid and Rose

 Enjoying a winter fire and listening to Bert and Ernie on vinyl.
 Krista got this cool new light star for the front window.

 Dentist time!
 Gridley's first dentist visit!  Everyone was very impressed that it was her first time.  she did a great job listening and doing what they asked her to do.
 Sleepin.  Cuddlin.