Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I hate it when I let the blog go for two weeks.  So much catching up!

We went to the West LaGrange Art Festival.  Great weather, and we always find some art to bring home with us.  this time the kids made some pretty decent art themselves that we'll be hanging up in the house.

 Check out the awesome shirts we made for the marathon!  Chad Holland designed them and Jarad had them all printed up.  We didn't have one Gridley-sized, so she had to wear it as a dress.  They went over really well at the group picnic.  we sold about half of them.

 So one of my all time bestest friends was in town this weekend.  Joe Shelby.  he flew in from Georgia attend Riot Fest with me.  Riot fest is a three day music festival focusing on heavy metal and punk rock.  it also tends to focus on bands that have been around for a really long time.  So we got to see GWAR on their 30th anniversary.  Still spraying fake blood at the crowd after all these years.  While we were at the show (which was rainy, cold and windy), Krista built a fort with the kids.

 The next night we had a block party.  After it settled down a little, Joe and I headed inside to play guitars.  What a wonderful night.  I haven't felt that good in years.  Arthur was playing with us a little on mandolin.
 Krista went to Wisconsin for a couple nights to help the EPA do some field sampling.  here she is standing in a stream.
 Here we are at Riot Fest.  That was just the camera's flash making us look bright and cheerful.  Actually it was dark, rainy, cold, and windy at that point.  I was actually shivering.  Still a lot of fun though.  Spending two days with Joe was really great.  Everyone had a great time.

Friday, September 5, 2014

 I think these are all out of order.  Still struggling with computers after all these years.  Here is Gridley showing off her skills of feeding herself.  Getting pretty good with utensils.
 Here we are at the Field Museum.  They have a really great kids area in the basement.  The stroller Gridley is sitting in was a huge hit.  i bought it a few years ago thinking an umbrella stroller would be handy.  then we never used it, mostly because Arthur was so huge.  Anyway, we pulled it out of storage for the museum trip.  It seemed cool because Gridley loved it so much she wouldn't get out of it.  Then she learned how to push it.  But the wheels are terrible, so pushing it is really hard.  Anyway, this lead to some serious meltdowns for her.  Like, laying on the ground flailing around.  Then Arthur wanted to push it, and that turned into a super crazy crying meltdown.  Just a huge mess.  The stroller is headed for the garbage at this point.
 Arthur as a bat
 When asked to have is picture taken with any object, this is now how he does it.  head upside down.
 At the Arboretum.  So buggy.  we had a million mosquito bites.  Super bad.  but we ran into some friends we haven't seen in a while, so that was great.

 Arthur is back in school.  New room and one new teacher.  some old pals from last year.
 This is Gridley trying to roll down the only hill in our town.  It is the dirt piled up against our historic water tower.
 Gridley's new favorite lovey is a little bear she got at Ikea with her nanny.
 Here is Arthur at school with his buddy Trip.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Krista's Birthday Weekend

With all the traveling we've been doing, we decided to stay home and take it easy for Krista's birthday.  Friday night we dropped her off for a massage while Ryan and the kids had dinner.  Very nice.  then Saturday, we took the train into the city and rode the water taxi.  pretty typical visit to downtown.  
 we tried a new place for lunch that was great called Sweetwater, right on Michigan Ave.  Arthur had red velvet pancakes which he thought were just amazing.
 Gridley enjoyed eating pancakes and french fries.
 Her favorite way to enjoy a french fry is dipped in a water glass.
 Sunday we went to the Weaver's house for a little girl play date.  Gridley's two BFF's were there and everyone played in the kiddie pool.  i didn't manage to get a picture of all of them.  we brought our slip and slide.
 Here is Gridley slipping.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sheboygan Part 2

They should call it Boyoboygan!!  we loved sheboygan WI so much back in January that we decided to head on back there for some summer time fun.  Grandma Diane set up the trip, flew out, and drove up there with us for a big time at the beach and water park.

Before we left though, Krista went to Albuquerque for the week.  So Dad was left at home totally in charge!  here are the kids working together to change the oil in the bed and check the suspension.
 When grandma arrives, you know it is time for some ice cream.  we went to a cool place in the next town over, then ran off the sugar at a park.
 Here we are at the beach.  the kids loved playing in the sand.  the lake Michigan water was real nice too.  there was supposed to be a sail boat race, but we didn't see any.

 We found a neat nature center not far from the resort.  this is the Prairie section of the park.  the kids had a great time running around, although it was kind of cold and windy.

 Arthur was spotting tons of really little bugs, that the two kids would go inspect.  For a guy who doesn't seem to notice when he's missing his pants, he's really good at spotting little insects on the ground.

 On the way back from the nature center, we bumped into Earthfest.  just in time for lunch.  good stuff.  Gridley is having some roasted corn.  she loved it.
 Here she is loving her pancakes.  Whoa those are some good pancakes!!
Nighttime bonfire, stories, and s'mores.  and playing in the sand after dark.

Then as luck would have it, i won four tickets to see the white sox play the Orioles!  friggin awesome!  and since grandma was in town, Krista and I could both go.  The Birds whooped the Sox, great game.  See you in October!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Traverse City

Before we left, the kids played in some laundry baskets.  pretty good time there.  lots of giggling.

So our friends the Weavers invited us to their parents' lake house in Traverse City.  I've already gone on at length about how great i think Michigan is.  Traverse City just reinforces it.  totally beautiful up there.  and the lake is as blue as the Caribbean.  whoa.  here we are buying some veggies on the way up to the house.
 Here is the view from the back of the lake house.

 Here we are at Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Super cool national lakeshore, although we didn't get to explore too much of it.  mostly just the beach and a picnic table.

 Arthur's favorite thing at the beach is getting covered with sand.  he puts it in his pants and shirt.  crazy kid.

 They built a sand box right on the water.  that was a great way to keep the kids occupied.  the house was very kid friendly since there are lots of little grandkids visiting frequently there.
 Here is Gridley with some kind of project involving all five sand buckets.