Saturday, January 30, 2016

Visit from Grandma

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit. It was postponed a week due to inclement weather.    Lots of play time!

Gymanstics class has started for this term.  What a fantastic gym.  so much great equipment.  both kids really love it.  Gridley especially likes wearing her leotard.

One night we made pizzas at the house.  Dad had a big time reliving high school and throwing pizzas in the air.

In other news.  Dad got to flex his inner teenager by going to a heavy metal show on friday.  three bands.  the headliner, Trouble, is an older metal band that recruited a coworker to be the bassist.  so a bunch of us from work went to see the show.  it was awesome, and loud, and oddly in a restaurant in the suburbs.  The first band was really great.  the second band was a Judas Priest cover band.  they were not great.  partly because it turns out i don't like judas priest that much.  but also because the guys were all way too serious.  except for the Rob Halford look alike, that guy had a good sense of humor.  Trouble was awesome.  but we didn't make it to the end since it was almost 1am and i was just super burned out.  Joe Shelby went with me which was awesome too.  we got to play a round of disc golf this morning.  great stuff!

Saturday, January 16, 2016


So Krista was like "dude, this winter has been super boring.  we need to get the kids into some snow".  so she found that Saugatuk Michigan had some snow.  and we had some free time.  so we got a cheap hotel and drove over.  Best Western!!  easy trip, only about two and a half hours.  we hit the road right after work on Friday.  stopped at one of our favorite breweries (Shoreline) and then got to the hotel in plenty of time for house hunters hgtv.

This morning we had bowls of froot loops and then hit the road for some snowy fun.  the rain had hit pretty hard over night, but we got a great tip to head to Oval Beach and sled in the dune bowls.

Bowls?  yup.  they are dunes at the beach that sink down into huge bowls.  the sand was frozen with ice and a tiny bit of snow on top.  but it was perfect for sledding.  nothing really to run into.  tufts of sea grass for ramps.  both kids had a huge time.  so many giggles and squeals.  really a great time.  we headed back after some hot cocoa and cookies (and shopping for krista) and hit the pool at the best western.  followed that with some rest and TV time.  had dinner and went back to the pool.  great weekend so far!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016


it seems my blog posts are becoming mostly pictures with not too many words.  i'll try to get more explanation going.  New Year's Resolution!

here we are at our house christmas morning (i think).  we opened presents for a few days prior to the big day in order to stretch out the fun and give the kids to focus on just a few toys.  the typical pile of toys is so overwhelming all at once.  Everyone got some great presents.  Gridley got a cool cash register.  Arthur got some trucks that light up and go around this wiggly track you can build.  Mom got a huge panoramic print of a picture she took this summer at Yosemite.  it is about five feet wide!  and dad got a guitar amp he wanted.  the amp is been a lot of fun so far.  it has about a hundred preset sounds to play around with that make one guitar sound like anything.  super cool!
Santa brought Gridley the suit case she had been asking for.  this is us at the airport on christmas day flying to connecticut.  it was awesome!  the kids pulled their own luggage.  i was sure we forgot something since the trip from the taxi to the check in was so easy.

Southwest hired a Santa to wander around the airport.  Here is Gridley at baggage claim.  for some reason it took a really long time to get our luggage.  but everyone was in good spirits.

Dad had to work one day because he was out of vacation days.  So mom grandma and the kids went to the way cool air museum.  they have been here before, but it is so amazing it is worth a second look.  plus it was open cockpit day.

Arthur got a really cool astronaut suit for christmas which included a NASA shirt and cap.

Here we are new years eve night in downtown Hartford.  they have a bunch of cool activities and performances around the city.  this is at the art museum.  you could make your party mask with some arts and crafts materials.  downstairs was a really cool performance of Peter and the Wolf by the new england jazz ensemble.  super impressive, but a little loud.  so gridley didn't last long.

We also went to The Big Game, designed by our friend Lori Beth.  tons of fun playing this people-sized board game in City Hall.

at home we had some party poppers for the back deck.  a little underwhelming, but the kids liked it.

The morning after.
Gridley enjoying a new read-along book she got for christmas.  this is based on the Disney movie Tangled.  she also got a rapunzel doll from Santa.

Here we are at a nuclear submarine.  we got to tour around inside.  really neat stuff.  the kids loved it.

Grandma was on the ball and got tickets for the North Pole Express (not to be confused with the Polar Express).  this was really cool.  it was on an old steam locomotive that went out into the woods a few miles and stopped at the North Pole to see santa.  an Elf was in our car the whole way singing and telling stories.  

Dance party on the train!!

Not as scary as he looks.  "HO HO HO!!!"

Gridley got to spend some quality time with Alexa and Reece.  All the kids wore pajamas for the trip.

overall a great trip to connecticut.  the kids really enjoyed the airplane this time.  super cool!  and free cocktails since it was a holiday.  we got home with a couple of days to settle back into our routine before going back to work.  not much else to report.  have a great new year!!