Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Wow, June was a crazy month.  So much going on, i'm exhausted.  Earlier in the month I went to Atlanta for some work training.  I came home with pink eye!  annoying.  Then I went to atlanta again for totally different training!  lame.  But what was cool was Grandma Diane coming to our house while I was away to help out and spend time with the kids.  

Here is a dutch pancake krista cooked.  Fresh strawberries in there.
For fathers day my family made me feel very special.  It was wonderful.  I chose disc golf as our saturday activity.  we have an amazing disc golf course nearby, so everyone went and got some fresh air.
Krista and Arthur were pretty evenly matched.

Gridley was excited to have her own bag of discs.  Of course they were the pink ones.
Krista took the kids and grandma to the chicago botanic garden.  Awesome as usual, but such a bad drive.  lots of traffic between here and there.

My wonderful old friend Jarad came up to chicacgo from Memphis on a whim with his son to check out one of the Copa Americana soccer matches.  It was Argentina v Panama at Soldier field.  I was lucky enough to have dinner with them before hand.  
We had a huge camping trip to Warren Dunes.  Us and three other families.  It was super great.  Kind of hot, but tons of fun.  We spent a lot of time at the beach.  I got sun burned.  Arthur and his friends Jack and Gavin climbed these huge sand dunes.  I'm still tired and sore.

Gridley was in heaven with her two girl friends.  they were all born within a couple months of each other.  They ran around and played princess.  They played hide and seek.  lots of giggling.

Jack's dad Dan played hide and seek with the kids.  At one point he just hid under this chair.

We went for an evening story telling at the beach.  This guy is awesome.

This dude was completely wiped out.
We got up Sunday morning and rain was predicted.  But it was a clear sky so we took our time eating breakfast.  But then clouds rolled in really quickly.  We tried to break camp as fast as we could, but in the end we didn't make it.  the heavens opened up with a heavy downpour before i could get the tent in its bag.  so lots of stuff had to be cleaned and dried once we got home.  Probably for the best that we didn't linger too long on Sunday.  everyone was so worn out we just went home and watched some videos and played some games.  very low key.  early bedtime.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Some other stuff

Arthur went to the zoo with his kindergarten class so i got to spend the day with Gridley.  We went for a nice lunch and then to a little zoo out in the suburbs which is basically just farm animals.  We also did a little record shopping, but i cut it short.  you can only expect a 3 yr old to be patient in a record store for so long.

We also went on a great hike at the Arboretum with Kerryann and her kids.  We saw tons of wildlife this time.  Beaver. Bullfrogs.  Ducks.  and an Oriole!

And here is a great hike at way cool Argonne National Lab.  They have a wonderful bike path and wooded area around the research center.

We marched in the memorial day parade this year.  They invite all the little league kids to come along.  It was pure chaos.  and moved so fast it was over in about 30 minutes.

Here is Gridley using a sharp knife to cut green onions.

Skills In Bloom

Bit of down time on the computers keeping me from getting this blog up to date.  Windows 10 just decided to stop letting me use the Start menu.  an internet search shows that this has been a problem since Windows 8 and one of the solutions (the one that worked for me) was reinstalling windows from scratch.  oy vay.

anyway, the kids had a skills show at their gymnastics school.  pretty great stuff.