Sunday, November 27, 2016


Well, now that I learned how to put my Google animations into the blog, I thought I would show everyone what they have been missing.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fencing in Milwaukee

Here is the lovely Gridley ready for her picture day at school.  So great!  the pictures turned out awesome too.
 Arthur was invited to a huge (huge!!) birthday party at a bowling alley.  Dad went with him and Mom took Gridley out to dinner.
 The party was for one of arthur's classmates.  the parents were very ambitious and basically invited every child they had ever met.  45 of them!  plus their parents.  Good stuff though, it was nice to meet some other montessori parents.
 Air hockey was actually the best part of the night.
 Last saturday we went up to Milwaukee to see a great friend of yesteryear, Michael Pickering.  He was visiting from Portland with his son who was competing in a fencing tournament.  On our way, we stopped in Chicago to attend a rally to support the native americans protesting the Dakota pipeline.

 This rally was to bring visibility to the cause.  The land is out in north dakota and is completely under-reported.  So some organizers in chicago got folks together to make some noise and bring awareness to the cause.

 Gridley had a lot to say on her phone while we drove to Milwaukee.
 Here we are.  Two old men.  friends since high school.
 Turns out when fencing comes to town all hotels fill up.  we managed to get a room, and it was in the super fancy Pfister hotel.  really awesome.  look at this lobby!!
 Pool on the 23rd floor.

 This is what a fencing tournament looks like.  this shot is about 15% of the whole room they were fencing in.  this thing was huge.  We didn't actually get to watch Owen fence, but that is for the best because it just makes him nervous when people are watching him.  We watched some action, but wow it is hard to follow.  the action is so fast, you can't tell what is going on.  they were these metal vests and are electrically connected to ground so they can use electrical sensors to see who scores points.  that's how fast it is.  electricity fast.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween and a whole lotta other stuff

Arthur is getting pretty good and reading and writing.  so much so that he no longer insists that he can't read.  He still doesn't like to practice his cursive though.
 This is the celebration at Gridley's school for her birthday.  there is a whole sharing part that goes with it.  She showed the kids in her class a picture from each year of her life, one at a time.

 Birthday presents!!  What fun!  Arthur was really excited to give her this one since he picked it out.  It was a pink princess tent.  it doesn't really fit in her room, but that's where it ended up.

 arthur has become a straight up lego master.  So many legos at the house.  He loves to sit for hours working one one.  going through the instructions one page at a time.  He stayed home sick one day this month and basically spent the whole day working on lego projects.
 Here is Gridley's birthday party at the forest preserve.  Luck was on our side and gave us a beautiful day.  Kind of windy, but not too cold (for the end of October).  This is our world famous Duck Duck Goose part of the afternoon.

 Krista bought a huge pile of pillow cases from amazon and we had some races.

 Gridley asked for a Dory cake this year.  
 It was so windy we only managed one candle
 Still tight with her birthday besties.  All three of these darlings were born within a couple months of each other.

 The kids both really loved putting these together.  the kits came with minimal instructions, but we still managed to get them all looking somewhat like the box showed.
 You might have heard that the Cubs won the world series, snapping a 108 year drought.  I took this picture the night of game 3 or 4.  can't remember.  I was down at the planetarium with a friend listening to a lecture about gravitational waves.  The city was all lit up in Cubs flair.  there were even some people hanging out on the sidewalk just watching the city glow and listening to the game on the radio.  good stuff.
 Gridley got a new friend.  Grandma Diane made this little owl in a class.  Gridley enjoyed taking it around in this little blue bucket with a towel over it for a blanket.

 at the arboretum again.  lovely fall day.  the trees were extra amazing this year.

 I'm uploading my photos via google drive now which lets me put in the cool animations Google creates for me automatically while i'm sleeping.
 Gridley decided to be The Princess in Black this year.  This is a new character from books we were introduced to in Michigan.  This princess is kind of like batman with an alter ego, fighting monsters while in disguise.  We had to take the book with us at times since almost no one knows who The Princess in Black is.  Although everyone thought she was adorable.

 Poses.  Ready to fight some bad guys.

 The princess in black rides a horse named Blackie (a unicorn named Frimplepants when not fighting badguys)

 Krista went to Arizona for a week.
 Arthur finally lost this tooth.  Worked on it through all of dinner until it finally came out.
 Arthur's school put on a play.  Arthur played The Miller in the story Rumplestiltskin.  he delivered his line flawlessly.

 This is as close as i wanted to get to the crowd of 5 million people celebrating the Cubs world series win.
 Here we are at the museum of science and industry.  Gridley could adjust the color of lights in the room with three sliders.
 This part of the museum was so much fun.  We had never seen this part (it is a really huge museum).  A mirror maze.  The kids giggled the whole way through.  almost everyone walked into a wall at one point.

 Arthur got to watch a personalized toy being made on this robotic assembly line.  Dad was all geeked out because it uses a lot of parts that he uses at work.  so there was a good deal of programmable logic controller talk.  And process automation talk.  servos, limit sensors, variable frequency drives!!  Arthur did his best to look interested in my jabbering.