Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mini Van!!

Spoiler alert, at the end of this post we buy a mini van.

We went out to Joliet to pick some blue berries.  Everyone was surprised at how many blueberries were on each bush.  it wasn't a very big farm, but we still came home with 6 lbs of blueberries.  We made blueberry buckle, blueberry crisp, blueberry pancakes with blueberry sauce.  Pretty awesome.

We spent a day playing at Fullersburg woods.  it is right near our house and has some really great trails with crushed gravel.  they also have an amazing little nature center.  we took all four bikes and the trailer with us.  Gridley had her first big day on her two wheeler!

For the fourth of july we went up to the chicago botanic garden.  Krista and the kids wanted to show dad what he missed on the last trip.  One thing he didn't miss (which happened this time) was our fourth car accident for our blue prius.  What?!!?  so annoying.  we were on the highway and this guy just drove into our lane without looking.  $5000 in damage!!  He admitted fault and hopefully everything works out with insurance.  But at this point we're on a first name basis with the collision garage.

The kids were whooped after a long day of walking around the gardens.  They were also pretty tired from spending a late night at a friend's party the previous evening.
Krista had a great idea to get some supplies to build a Fairy garden in our back yard.  We have some shaded areas with big hostas that looked like a nice place for fairies to play around.

Arthur wrote the name
Krista spent a week in St Paul Minnesota for work.  This was the view from her government rate room.  Pretty sweet!  that meant dad had a week alone with the kids.  What did he do?  lined up buying a minivan.  Also, Grandma Karen and Grandpa had a day with the kids all to themselves.  They had a huge time.  Stayed pretty local.  Ice cream.  Stories.  Games.  good stuff.

Katydid on our garage.

So Friday was the big day.  We said goodbye to Krista's 2001 Prius which had 191,000 miles on it.  that was probably my favorite car to drive of all time.  amazing turning radius.  no blind spots.  50 mpg.  I put most of the miles on it commuting to work.  We'll all miss that car.

Here we are in the "receiving" area.  this gentleman was explaining all the finer points of how to use the van.

The kids were so excited to get a van.  They have been pointing out minivans for the last three weeks.  We're still undecided on what to name the van.  The silver prius was named Silvery.  the blue prius was named Bluey.  I'm voting for Redy, but the rest of the family isn't totally convinced since it sounds like Ready, and that doesn't really make sense as a name for a van.  Toyota calls it a Swagger Wagon, which we all kind of like.  The color is Salsa Red (chosen to enhance visibility).

Later that evening, Krista and Gridley went out on a date because Dad and Arthur went to a campout at the kid's new school.

Here is Arthur at the penny dive.

Here we are in the tent before bedtime.

This weekend we visited the Planetarium.  They had a new show called Planet Nine which was really interesting.  apparently they have been able to collect data about planetoids out near pluto, and based on the orbits on those hundreds of plantoids, they have been able to infer that there is a huge planet way way out there that has enough gravity to keep all the planetoids orbits in order.

Arthur wore his space suit and got lots of smiles at the planetarium.  He also wore a shirt grandma K gave him underneath that shows all the relative diameters of the planets.

Lovely day in chicago.

We walked over to the bean to meet up with some friends who were in town visiting from San Antonio.  They had planned a weekend getaway, but then their childcare fell through so they brought their one year old with them.  We had a great time walking around chicago on such a beautiful day.  Even went swimming at their hotel.  the pool was on the 30th floor!

Gridley on the verge of passing out.

Minivan ride home.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Wow, June was a crazy month.  So much going on, i'm exhausted.  Earlier in the month I went to Atlanta for some work training.  I came home with pink eye!  annoying.  Then I went to atlanta again for totally different training!  lame.  But what was cool was Grandma Diane coming to our house while I was away to help out and spend time with the kids.  

Here is a dutch pancake krista cooked.  Fresh strawberries in there.
For fathers day my family made me feel very special.  It was wonderful.  I chose disc golf as our saturday activity.  we have an amazing disc golf course nearby, so everyone went and got some fresh air.
Krista and Arthur were pretty evenly matched.

Gridley was excited to have her own bag of discs.  Of course they were the pink ones.
Krista took the kids and grandma to the chicago botanic garden.  Awesome as usual, but such a bad drive.  lots of traffic between here and there.

My wonderful old friend Jarad came up to chicacgo from Memphis on a whim with his son to check out one of the Copa Americana soccer matches.  It was Argentina v Panama at Soldier field.  I was lucky enough to have dinner with them before hand.  
We had a huge camping trip to Warren Dunes.  Us and three other families.  It was super great.  Kind of hot, but tons of fun.  We spent a lot of time at the beach.  I got sun burned.  Arthur and his friends Jack and Gavin climbed these huge sand dunes.  I'm still tired and sore.

Gridley was in heaven with her two girl friends.  they were all born within a couple months of each other.  They ran around and played princess.  They played hide and seek.  lots of giggling.

Jack's dad Dan played hide and seek with the kids.  At one point he just hid under this chair.

We went for an evening story telling at the beach.  This guy is awesome.

This dude was completely wiped out.
We got up Sunday morning and rain was predicted.  But it was a clear sky so we took our time eating breakfast.  But then clouds rolled in really quickly.  We tried to break camp as fast as we could, but in the end we didn't make it.  the heavens opened up with a heavy downpour before i could get the tent in its bag.  so lots of stuff had to be cleaned and dried once we got home.  Probably for the best that we didn't linger too long on Sunday.  everyone was so worn out we just went home and watched some videos and played some games.  very low key.  early bedtime.