Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Camping Birthday

We asked arthur if he wanted a birthday party at home or just take some friends camping.  He chose camping!  so we took the Whites and the Leonards and the TeStrakes and krista's dad up to Kettle Morraine South in Wisconsin and had a big time.

 This is one of the camp sites.  we had two, but the other was a walk through the woods.  we hid Pop's tent behind ours because there was some concern about how many people we brought with us.

 Pop and Cousin Gemma!  She's getting so big.

 We love this trail.  it has a couple of fresh water springs percolating out of the ground.  icy cold water.  everyone had a great time exploring this natural setting.

 As amazing luck would have it, my friends Jen and Jeremy were at a festival just twenty minutes from our campsite.  they live in Connecticut and lost their daughter Avielle in the Sandy Hook shootings.  They have friends who put on this small festival every year to raise money for the Avielle Foundation.  So J&J came out (with their new baby Imogen!!) to be a part of the festival.  I was so happy I got to go and see them.  Plus i finally got to introduce them to Krista, Arthur, and Gridley.

We came back home to an amazing lunar eclipse.  I tried to take pictures but they all came out horribly.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

block party

whao, this year our neighbor's put together one hell of a block party.  and I missed it because i was at Riot Fest seeing Rancid perform all of And Out Come the Wolves.  (it was awesome).  but the kids had a huge time.  and their friends Jack and Gavin came with their mom.  (their dad was at riot fest with me).

Firefighter Chuck brought a truck.

 Arthur asked the balloon guy for a flower with a bumble bee, and the clown actually made it!!  

 Gridley asked to be a princess.

Rancid was amazing.  took me back to being 20.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Gridley's first day of Pre School

Gridley had her first day of pre school at Seton Montessori school.  that's where the kids went to summer camp this summer, so she was already familiar with the campus and the teachers.  Krista says she was "stoic" but walked right in without any special encouragement.  Since that day she has sprung from the car at drop off.  she loves it!  Krista and I went to a two night seminar about the montessori curiculum and we love it too.  very thoughtful teaching practices.  Montessori is amazing.  i wish all schools worked that way.

 First morning of ballet class too!

Friday, August 28, 2015

First Day of Kindergarten

Krista turned 40 this week.  We had a fun day around the house.  She asked to just take it easy.  so she spent time on the couch.  took a hot bath.  basically just enjoyed herself.  we got a nice chocolate cake with some fun candles.  Happy Birthday Mommy!!

 Arthur's first day of school included a stop by one of our trees for a hug.

 Arthur was such a big boy.  I was so proud of him.  He got nervous right before it was time to go into the school.  He was noticably getting emotional.  But he pulled himself together and got an extra hug from mom, and walked into school with the rest of his class.  Very strong guy to face his fears.  I was just super proud of him.  After a few days, he still really likes kindergarten.  Awesome!!

 Krista and I seperately went to our first Cubs games this week.  I went on saturday with Joe, Amanda, and his friend Bob who flew up from Atlanta.  We had a super amazing time.
 Krista went with some work friends on a Monday.  Such a great place for a baseball game.  Plus the weather was fantastic.

Monday, August 17, 2015

California Vacation Part 5

Here are random photos taken from our phones.  All those other ones were from our snazzy camera.

 Gridley's first popsicle.  she loved it.  plus it was pink!


 I spent an hour on this bike.  reasonable rentals at the lodge in Yosemite.  had a great time riding up and down a fire road.  Really enjoyed this.

 Sometimes they are just like "I'm done".
 View of half dome from Glacier Point.
 View of Half Dome behind Gridley

 Gridley's first taste of cotton candy!  And it was pink!
 At the san fransisco bread factory, Boudin.  good stuff.
 Outside the Ghirardelli chocolate store.  You can't see him, but my old room mate Brad took this picture.  He lives in San Fran.  we haven't seen each other in a good 7 years.  he and his awesome wife Frieda came out to Sausalito to have dinner with us.  then on this day he met up with us in the city for a little run around time.  Really great catching up.

 Sausalito had a really great tap room with a back room overlooking the bay.  in fact, this whole porch was over the water and all seats faced out at the water.  We managed to have two date nights there.  Thanks Diane!  a seal swam by.  and a paddle boarder paddled by.  and an outrigger canoe team paddled by.
 Point Reyes

 Teeny Tiny crab
 Ride on the cable car.  the kids loved it, although they were not quite sure what was going on.

Here is Gridley asleep again.  this time in a super fast ferry that runs from san fransisco to sausalito.  Apparently a lot of people commute on this ferry.  that would be a sweet ride every day.  Gridley fell asleep in my arms many times on this trip.  I was in heaven every time.

 This place blew my mind.  It is the Bay Model, built and maintained by the army corps of engineers.  It was built a long time ago to accurately model the san fransisco bay water flow.  This requires modeling all the water feeding into it from various other bays, waterways, canals, and rivers.  totally amazing.  it was about 400 feet by 400 feet.  mind blowing how huge it was.  pumps pump water in and out once every 14 minutes to simulate high and low tide.  they do it all with computers now, so it is only used for education at this point, not research.
 Straight out of my chemical engineering text book.  Froude's Law!!  I could have stayed here all day. 

 It even had this neat (huge) painting of a whale hugging an elephant.  Not sure what this was about.
 At dinner this crazy rare car showed up. It was a Spyker, made in the netherlands.  only 250 or so have been made since 2000.
 I felt obligated to take pictures.  everyone else was.
 Awesome breakfast, found on our last morning.  wish we had found it sooner, we would have been there every morning.