Wednesday, July 22, 2015

slip and slide

silly selfie
playtime in the slip and slide.  we ended up turning off the water because it started to rain.  but gridley stayed out in the rain and kept having fun.

Arthur decided it would be fun to shove a lot of tissue paper down our sink drain.  Krista made him fix it.  hopefully he learned a lesson.  he did a great job actually!  the pipewrench genes are strong in this one.

Krista's mom sent us a Pinterest idea a few months back that showed how to convert a crib into a work bench.  We tried selling the crib, but it turns out that is actually very hard to do what with the safety aspects of buying a crib.  So we made it an arts and crafts work bench.  turned out great!  

This is one of the kids' favorite places in the Planetarium.  you run through this hall and there are space objects projected onto the floor.  when you stomp on them they blow up.  super cool.
Gridley liked turning her feet colors in this light and asked for a picture.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

camping and more

We found a new park in Hinsdale we like.  well, we like all of them, we just found another one.  we've been going after tuesday Guiliano's.  pretty great to stay out in the sun until bedtime.

 Friends were in town for the Grateful Dead shows over the fourth.  we had a hard time meeting up though.  but we did manage to see Krista's friend Brendon.  you can't see him here, but the kids had a great time playing in the water.  I had a really hard time explaining to arthur that it was ok to splash, but you can't splash people who don't want to be splashed.  it was not at all clear who those people were.

Grateful Dead bus lot.
Turns out a box really is the greatest toy.  this one was converted into a "robot" suit.  
 Gridley's turn to enjoy the Spiderman suit!!
 I tried to get her to flex her muscles, but she didn't understand what "put your arms up" means.

Our friend Nadia stopped by with her husband Jeff.  they came to see some kind of glass exhibit in the middle of nowhere Illinois.  any excuse is a good one in my book!!  we went to the Botanic garden.  amazing as always.

we haven't had too much hot weather, but krista bought this slip and slide to replace the one our squirrels ate.  gridely liked it a whole lot more than arthur did.

Finally got some camping in this summer.  and it was awesome!!!  we went to the shore just south of Sheboygan WI.  close enough to water to drive most bugs away.  the campsite was amazing, and peaceful, and quiet.  got the best two nights sleep of the year.  the kids didn't want to go home.  arthur got to do a lot of bike riding.  we managed to bring the trailer too so gridley could ride along.

 This is a very dedicated Scooby Doo fan.
 We camped with our friends the Leonards.  they had a baby this year, so camping is still kind of tricky.  but that managed very well as usual.  the leonards are champs.  here is Kenny covered up in little children.
 Keeping a five year old away from a fire pit is like keeping ants off honey.

This was a big week for visitors.  Josh on monday and brian on wednesday.  great fun!!

 This is Josh.  he was at a conference.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Busy June

I think this is a new record for number of pictures in one blog post.  holy cow!  here is Arthur getting his hair washed at the barber for the first time.  we typically decline the invitation, but at this session he had just come from a two hour birthday party in a huge open gym.  so he was a sweaty mess.
 Later that day we went to another birthday party of some new friends.  lots of fun stuff to play on.  this is where the face painter was.

 Here we are getting ready for our road trip to Rochester.  One of Ryan's oldest and best friends, George Marcus, was getting married and asked him to be a groomsman.  Time for painted toenails!  well, not Ryan's.  everyone else's though!
 Road trips are exhausting
 Here we are at Canandaigua lake in awesome upstate new york.  The kids had a big time getting really dirty.  Afterward we had my all time favorite pizza, Pontillo's.  new location, same awesome taste.

 At grandma's house.
 We brought Arthur's bike all the way from chicago.  I wasn't so sure it was worth the trouble, but he actually rode it nonstop the whole time we were in Farmington.  This is the cul de sac where i learned to ride a bike.
 Gridley got a princess dress from her cousin Marie.  Loved it!
 This is Lollypop farm  This bull has been there since I was going to this farm.  it is mostly an animal rescue, but they also have a small farm out back with a bunch of animals you can go pet.
 The kids play "wake up go to sleep" game wherever they can.  Of course the air matress at grandma's house is a perfect place for it!
 Here is george and erin.  congrats guys!
 Good lookin kids.  Dressed up for the big day.
 Ok, this is out of order.  This is the "cabin" we stayed in on our way from chicago to rochester.  It is in a state park and part of a big hotel.  pretty cool actually.  we'd like to go back and spend more time.  lots to do.

 Ryan turned 40 during this trip.  I requested an ice cream cake from Carvel.  unfortunately, they no longer make cookie puss.

 Arthur managed to give himself away as a frosting grabber before any slices were even cut.

 Rehearsal night.  kids stayed with the grandparents, so Krista and I got a nice easy evening.  great friends and great food.  amazing indian food.  we met some really great people too.

 Family picture with dad in his tuxedo.  Yes, mom, I'll send you some copies of this picture.

 Super awesome big brother.

 Practice dancing before the reception.

 The kids went to their first wedding.  They did great.  and it was 45 minutes long!  they passed the time by using the camera.

 The kids also had their first Shirley Temples.  highly recommended.  Maraschino cherries!!  More please!

 That guy there is my good friend Chad Wilson who came up from Philly with two of his kids.

After that long road trip with lots to do, we were all pretty tired.  so This weekend we took it easy.  had an awesome time.  chicago was 72 and sunny all weekend.  We spent saturday weeding the garden and going to the park and grilling in the back yard.  All of us took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon.  fantastic.  then on sunday we went downtown to try to find a bunch of signs from the planetarium.  we only found four out of eleven.  but we have until halloween.  we get a free membership if we selfie in front of all of them.
 We also went down to see Maggie Daley park.  It is by far the biggest kids park i've ever seen.  which makes it super popular and hugely stressful.  but we all had fun.  we need to find a less popular time of day to visit though.
 Afterward we stopped for ice cream to rest.  we found a nice shady spot under a tree.

 Another amazing big brother moment.