Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Water Park

This one is out of order.  We went to an awesome water park in Wisconsin called Great Wolf Lodge.  We went with Krista's cousins Jill and Jason  and their two little kids.  it was great.  we shared a small condo so we had a kitchen and could take it easy between trips to the indoor water park.  

Yup, that is a water proof sling for baby Graehm

we also got to check out the awesome Crane sanctuary.  always an amazing place.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Baltimore Part 2

Saturday was the main event.  the Kinetic Sculpture Race.  it was amazing as usual.  Our awesome friends the Gammons came to spend the day with us.  they even brought a second car so we could get around easily.  Super cool.  and as usual, I completely failed to get pictures of them.  the kids loved this bubble machine.
this is the line up and check in prior to the race starting gun.  Definitely the best place to check out the sculptures because 1. they aren't moving and 2. they haven't broken yet.

Gridley really like this one.  she cheered for the recycled plastic octopus for the whole race.
This crocodile was really intricate.  holy cow.  five bikers.  closing jaw.  really impressive. in fact they did well in the water entry too.

This guy was remarkably serious for a dude dressed like a chicken was carrying him around.

Fifi was back as usual.  Crowd favorite.

One of my favorite things about this race is that they only sort of close the streets of baltimore.  I mean, they can't, cars still need to get around.  but they do stop traffic at times to let sculptures by.  Some people don't mind being stopped, but others do.  It's great to watch.  You would think more people would get hurt, but they don't.  I think most people appreciate the hard work even if they aren't that interested.

Water entry.

Got a good look at the way cool Natty Boh sign.  Unfortunately, i didn't manage to drink one during our short visit.
This is Theodore.  he is a big fan of oysters, so we went to a fish place for lunch.  We had a nice talk about the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  
Gridley has finally stopped avoiding the camera.  Now when she is in a picture, her arms fly out to the sides.  It's really fantastic.
Krista bought tickets for a night boat cruise through the harbor.  I did not think it was a great idea, in typical neysaying  fashion.  And as usually, i totally ate my words.  the boat ride was awesome.  and the kids loved it.  even though we were totally exhausted, it was worth it.  The boat played dance music and served drinks.  Super fun.

Here is Pier Six.  Boston was playing that night.  apparently they are still very popular.  From what i heard they are still as terrible as ever.  

We had dinner with some friends on Saturday.  we went to this park nearby and found a huge, adult sized see saw.  pretty impressive.  certainly did not pass the parent's safety board.  Arthur and Theodore had a real big time with it.  Actually, it was a good study in leverage.

We couldn't decide what to do sunday morning.  we wanted some paddle boats, but the place didn't open until later.  so we decided it was finally time to check out the USS Constellation.  It is this civil war era ship that is docked in the inner harbor.  we finally toured it.  Pretty cool actually.  and we had the whole thing to ourselves.

If you see a carousel, you kind of have to ride it.
We finished out the weekend at the American Visionary Arts Museum.  This is where the kinetic scultpure race begins and ends.  Amazing place.

Baltimore Art Car.  there is actually a whole parade for cars like this.

turns out there is a really nice cafe up on top of the museum.  that thing behind Arthur is a Whirlygig.  amazing huge sculpture that turns in the wind.  Arthur got a Dutch Pancake which was basically an egg-heavy pancake with caramel, apples, and syrup on top.  big hit.
This is the museum shop.  not your average museum.

From there we got a cab back to the airport and came home.  Wow.  everyone was super tired but had an amazing time.  i can't believe how much we packed into two short days.