Saturday, January 24, 2015

On tuesday our nanny called in sick with Fibromialgia, so dad spent the day at home with the kids.  here we are enjoying breakfast.
 Gridley is doing great at potty training.  lots of trips to the bathroom, but a good number of dry diapers too.  keep up the good work!
 Here are the kids playing in the last of the snow.  Gridley is learning about snow angels from her brother.

 Working on ever more complex puzzles.  This one got finished pretty quickly
 Arthur takes a gym class where they try various sports.  Last night it was rock climbing.  pretty sweet!  Arthur really loved it.  he went higher than any of the other kids.  it helped that he was a few inches taller.  He really took to it.  Did a great job of looking for handholds and footholds and then just moving up.  he had some bumps coming down because he didn't understand how to use his feet.  the teacher didn't really spend any time teaching the kids what to do.

In cancer news, i'm starting to really feel the fatigue set in.  work days aren't so bad, but weekends are exhausting since i'm on me feet more and picking up Gridley.  tuesday during daddy day i actually fell asleep on the couch.  Gridley helped me out by putting herself down for a nap on the floor.  I had a CT scan yesterday and i'll have a bone marrow biopsy on thursday morning.  i should be starting up treatment very soon after that.  we're hoping for Ibrutinib which is a pill, but we have to convince the insurance company to pay for it since it isn't officially approved as treatment for my disease.  fingers crossed.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

we got a new SLR camera for christmas.  we're learning how to use it on some action shots here.  the kids love running back and forth in the living room.  Gridley yells "i'm going to run real fast!"  then she says "Arthur come Arthur come Arthur come!!"  then they line up and run.  it's awesome.

 We went sledding twice this weekend.  it was super cold and windy .  The kids had a great time but dad got winded pretty bad going up and down the hills.

At the planetarium they had a thing where the kids could make their own little paper rockets and then launch them by stomping on the red bag.  pretty fun.  the kids played wiht this for a while.

Here is Gridley in her new dress from Grandma Karen.  pretty stylish.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Holiday

Unfortunately, these pictures are not really in the right order, but to get them in the right order would take more time than i have right now.  So here is our Christmas holiday rolled up in pictures.  We spent a couple days at home and then a week in connecticut with grandma diane.  Aweseome stuff.

this house is a few miles from ours pretty amazing light show.  I found it with the kids and had to make a special trip back to show Krista.
This is one of Arthur's favorite gifts from our friend Chrissy.  she knows Arthur so well, a digger was an obvious choice.

Getting ready for the flight to Connecticut!  can't forget polar bear.
At the airport, Gridley was rocking a sweet Hello Kitty outfit.  socks over the jeans and velcro pink adidas.  stylish.

Here we are preparing for the flight east.  Easiest flight ever.  And they gave us free cocktails since it was christmas day.  This "easiest" trip was followed by a pretty difficult journey home one week later, but we won't get into that.
Our flight had it's own authentic santa.  this guy was the real deal.  wearing his outfit on christmas day, off the clock.  he was also 7 feet tall.  he just picked up Arthur for this picture, even though Arthur was pretty nervous about it.  He also lead the plane in a round of We Wish You a Merry Christmas.
Christmas dinner at the Regan house.
Hugs with Alexa and Reece.  I had to miss that party because i caught a one day flu.  pretty weird.  it just made me super tired.  but then after about 24 hours i was back to normal.

The kids got matching jammies.

This was a very cool air museum at the Hartford airport.  huge and full of all kinds of planes.  very hands on too.  Arthur loved it.

This was at the Connecticut River Museum.  This is a replica of the worlds first submarine.  Used in the revolutionary war.  pretty neat.
Gridley is toilet training!  she's pretty great at it.  even using the big potty when needed.
We took a day trip to vermont to see the Regan's winter cabin.  It is right next to Mt Snow, so we went there to play in the snow a little bit.  But it was wicked cold and windy, so we didn't last too long.  plus the snow was real icy.

Arthur and Alexa

On new years eve we went into Hartford for First Night.  great stuff.  Krista's good friend Lori Beth puts on a cool art project in city hall called the Big Game.  everyone plays like it is a big board game, tons of fun.

This is at the science center.  We went there on our last day, right before hitting the airport.  the kids ran themselves ragged and had a great time.  It was super crowded, in my opinion, but Diane said it was less crowded than normal.  tons of things for the kids to play with, so it was pretty hard to drag them out of there.
This is at the childrens mesuem in west hartford.  this is gridley being cute.

Arthur running inside a whale.
Arthur as a tortoise.

Gridley as a tortoise
Back at the air museum.

Fancy lunch.
Sleeping after a fancy lunch.