Sunday, May 24, 2015


Big times these days.  Krista went away for a few days for work, so I got to spend some time alone with the kids.  here we are having a picnic in the park for dinner.  Gridley made a friend while we were there.  and our friends the Leonard's stopped by.  lots of fun.
 Here we are at the Leonard's house for dinner.  lots of kids running around .  they have a ball crawl in the basement which was obviously everyone's favorite toy.
 Arthur got a neat new toy from Grandma K in France.  those little balls there can be stacked to make pyramids.  it comes with instructions that get progressively more complicated.  really cool and Arthur digs it.
 Here is Arthur sporting his Waldenstroms's shirt.  In cancer news, my pills continue to work great.  I feel good.  And my friend Dustin just donated a bunch of money to research.  super cool!
 Gridley's gymnastics class.  
 Goofball at the Field Museum.
 Our front garden is coming in nicely.  our magnolia tree seems to finally be happy in it's home.  Starting to show some real signs of growth.

 Arthur's gymnastics class.

 We had a conference at my plant this week.  One of the evening team building dinner's included Bocce ball near our house, so my boss invited the whole family.  the kids loved it.
 Here is Gridley in a cute dress.  We were at the playground after Arthur's pre-school graduation.
 There is Mary our awesome nanny in the backseat with the kids.  we were on our way to a graduation lunch at Standard Market.  she was a good sport for getting crunched back there.  Time for a mini-van!
 Krista took the kids to the bird place on friday.
 then later that day, cousin Jill stopped by from Madison.  She brought her daughter Gemma who is already up and walking around.  I can't believe how time flies.  it seems like she was just born a few months ago.  Gridley loved having a little girl to play with.
 This is what happens after a full day of hard playing and no afternoon nap.  Crash.  You can't tell, but she is wearing a Frozen skirt and two Frozen shirts.  the girl loves Elsa and Anna.
 Krista put up this wall paper map in the basement.  She bought it quite a few years ago and it has been sitting around waiting for us to do something with the basement.  looks awesome!

 Here is Arthur at graduation.  what a big guy!!

 We're so proud of Arthur for finishing pre-school.  He can write his name, say his address, and is reading Golden Books.  He is also getting a lot better at listening and focusing on tasks.  big improvement that wasn't always easy, but he kept at it and did great.

Monday, May 4, 2015

lovely weather

finally!  it is consistently nice out.  i love it.  sunshine, warm breezes, windows open.  so nice.

We had a super busy saturday.  Gridley had gymnastics and arthur had soccer in the morning.  Then we came home to get dressed for some parties.  First up was Daniel's birthday party.  Grid and Arthur are friends with brothers Cole and Daniel who live a couple blocks away.

 Here are Cole and Gridley having lunch together.  I haven't seen it myself, but i'm told they play together really well at the park.  Gridley's other boyfriend Gavin was at the party too, but he didn't seem to notice she was having lunch with Cole.

 Here is Arthur helping with the Dusty pinata.  It was a Planes themed party.
 It took most of the party to get Gridley to go in the bouncey house.  once in though, she loved it!  and who wouldn't?

After the birthday party, we walked a couple more blocks over to Anne Mudd's house.  She was having a Kentucky Derby party.  We dressed up a little bit, although we didn't have hats to go along with the crowd.  We did have mint juleps though!  Great time.  lost a couple bucks on the race.  It was a good wind down after the birthday party.  Anne has some great vintage toys that the kids love playing with.  Both kids crashed out hard afterward and called it an early night.  I went back to Cole and Daniel's house later that night though to watch the Mayweather Pacquio fight.  Pretty disappointing fight, but a lot of fun to hang out with some grown ups.  I found out that Cole and Daniel's mom worked at RKK Engineers in Baltimore at the same time Krista did.  isn't that something?

Sunday we went to the Arboretum because it is hard not to when the weather is so perfect. This the "Big Rock".  nice little hike.  the kids brought magnifying glasses and had a great time observing insects and flowers.  they made me nervous on this rock, but seemed to get away relatively unscathed.

Krista had a great idea to make pizzas at home this week.  here we are putting them together.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Wow, what a huge weekend!  Ryan decided it was high time he splurged on an trip to see friends.  My friend George from gradeschool is getting married this summer and decided to have his bachelor party in NYC.  So it was a quick trip, saturday to sunday, but I packed a whole lot of fun into it.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.  But anyway, I found out the night before the trip that another friend of mine, Dustin, was going to be in NYC as well that weekend celebrating his anniversary.  So we got together for lunch in Brooklyn at a real cool pizza shop.  From there I went to columbus circle to have drinks with my cousin Mary who I haven't seen in about 25 years.  whoa! seriously.  we had a super great time, it was so great to finally see her again.  Hopefully we'll do it again in less time.  then from there I went to dinner to meet up with the bachelor party.  great time of course!  after dinner we went to Greenwich Village to a comedy club which was amazing.  I laughed so hard my face hurt.  then, unannounced, Louis CK (arguably the biggest name in stand up comedy right now) showed up for a set!  unbelievable.  got back to the hotel around 3am and I was pretty impressed that i kept up the whole time.  these cancer drugs are working great!  Sunday I bummed around a little and went to see the Frick collection.  got a little culture in my system before heading back to chicago.  the flight got in early so I was just in time to put the kids to bed.

 This is the pizza shop.

While I was away Krista had a big time with the kids.  Morton Arboretum time!!  the daffodils were in perfect shape.  Gridley went around telling the flowers that she loved them, then gave them hugs.