Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November Staycation

Krista asked Gridley if she would like her room to be a different color. Gridley picked pink.  here they are painting it.  

 Lots of museum this month.  I feel like the kids are really getting something out of it now.  they love seeing all of the exhibits, especially if they get to put their hands on it.  Here we are at the Nature Museum.  this place has a wonderful butterfly room.
 There was a temporary charlie brown exhibit.  Gridley didn't quite get the concept of how these were supposed to work.

 We went to Aurora to check out SciTech.  it is awesome.  a hands on science museum in an old post office.  every display has a certain "home made" quality to it.  goes to show you don't need a fancy setup to explain things like electricity, magnetism, or weather.  we all really enjoyed this place and could have stayed longer.  But we also found that in Aurora is the Two Brothers Roundhouse where the brewery has a great restaurant in an old train round house.  definitely going back.

 We had a staycation downtown.  Krista signed us up for a vacation rental sales pitch so we could stay three nights at the Wyndham Grand on teh river.  we had a killer time.  tons of fun, although it was the first weekend of the winter so was kind of cold and windy.
 Red velvet french toast.  super awesome.
 We went to the Planetarium even though we've been there a million times.  The Bears were playing so parking was impossible.  but we took the bus and had the whole place to ourselves!  so much fun.  Gridley wanted to hug all of these planets.

 We also went to the aquarium.  We typically avoid the Shedd because it is just crazy expensive and usually very crowded.  but we figured we would go this one time and call it our two year visit.  and it was expensive.  but it turned out we could get a membership for just a little more, so we got it.  so i guess we'll be going back a lot.  fine with me, the kids totally loved it.
This was the view from our hotel room.
In other news, Gridley continues to dance everywhere she goes, so i think we'll be signing her up for more ballet classes.  we'll be attending the nutcracker ballet over the holiday, so that should be fun.  Arthur is going to a Jr Engineering class at the community center which has turned out to be pretty great.  By no pre-planning of ours, he is in the class with a bunch of friends who's parents we like.  so i get to hang out with those moms and dads every tuesday.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Gridley's Birthday and Halloween

Gridley wanted to wear her princess dress for the present opening.  Arthur wore jammies.
 Humpback whale!

 Gridley has been asking all year for an Elsa Cake for her birthday.  So Krista met the demand with a home made elsa cake.  she got the figurines online.  made a cake with blue frosting.  and even put fondant on top for snow.

 Grandma D was here for halloween week.  She helped get the kids costumes together.  Arthur wanted to be Clark Kent and Gridley wanted to be a ladybug.

 Gridley got to wear her costume to ballet class.  pretty cute with her ballet slippers.

 "Clark Kent is serious, mom"

Dad went for a brief visit to Houston this week.  the company wanted me to interview some candidates that i had already interviewed over the phone.  kind of weird.  but it gave me a chance to see the new plant they are building.  i also got to see Chad and Beth Holland who moved to Freeport.  that was awesome!  so great to see them, even for just a few hours.  and again, i forgot to take a picture.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Krista got to go to Weftec again, her favorite conference.  the world's biggest waste water get together.  It is at McCormick place which is just friggin huge.

 Arthur's birthday stretched out for like three weeks.  In fact, his final gift continues to get lost in the mail, so technically it isn't over yet.
 they had a Fun Run at school.  I went to help pin numbers on the kids.  pretty fun watching 80 kindergarteners run around in circles.  nice weather for it too.

 Arthur found this katydid at the playground where he has soccer class.  
 This is Rose and Clayton's birthday party.  great times at the Weaver house.  tons of kids running around.  i was impressed no one seemed to be upset.  plenty of sugar and snacks to go around.
 Vinyl day at our house on sunday.  Kris Kristofferson followed by two sesame street albums.
 Gridley at ballet class.  she loves it.
 Reading The Stranger by Camus to this bear.  (seriously)
 Arthur in his new Clark Kent glasses.  Grandma is already getting started on the costumes for this year.

 We decided to start Gridley's birthday a little early.  her new bike showed up, and with winter coming, we thought she should just get started using it.  It is another kick bike, which worked so well for Arthur.  but Arthur's was made of wood and got destroyed.  This one is metal (and pink).

 Krista had Columbus day off and took the kids to the Arboretum for some hiking.  great stuff.

 Here is our group photo from the camping trip.  look at all those people!  great job Kenny getting the timer on your camera to work!!